About me

This is what I look like:

Mugshot of suspect no. 1

Ok, ok, you can stop laughing. It's my passport photo and you're supposed to look silly on passport photos. And I'm not really an axe murderer. In fact I've never been convicted of anything. It's true that I was born on the same day that Josef Stalin died, but I consider that to be a complete coincidence and I don't believe in reincarnation. Anyway, I look more like Rasputin than Stalin, don't you think?

Family name: Jensen (イェンセン)
First names: Per Møller (ペア・メラ)
Nationality: Danish
Born: 1953-03-09
Blood type: O
Profession: Electrical engineer (software development)
Main interests: Software, Japanese language and culture, molinology
Most idiotic hobby: Collecting diskette boot blocks
Most serious hobby: Webmaster for the Vindeby Mill website.

Here's my CV.

Thank you for not smoking.